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Five Star Juice

They don't do things in half measures at Five Star Juice Co.. When they entered into this industry they did not cut any corners and spared no expense in straying from the vision Five Star Juice had.. The cornerstone of that vision was a talisman chemist who could help provide safe, delicious & ethical e-juice to the vape community.

Five Star Juice searched long and hard until the stars aligned and they found their man. With a background in the pharmaceutical industry and medical industry and a PHD in Biochemistry from UCLA, a deep passion for the e-juice industry and a work ethic that is second to none. That is the kind of dedication you can rely on Five Star to provide in each and every bottle sold.

  • Green Apple Hie Cloud 60ML

    Green Apple Hie Cloud 60ML

     This spot on green apple flavor is inspired by your favorite juicy candy with that smooth, chewy texture. Say HI to this sweet & refreshing green apple fruit CHEW candy by HIE CLOUD...

  • Mango Hie Cloud E-Juice Hi Chew Vape Juice 60ML

    Mango Hie Cloud 60ML

     This spot on mango flavor is inspired by your favorite juicy candy with that smooth, chewy texture. Say HI to this tropical sweet mango fruit CHEW candy by HIE CLOUD...

  • Loyalty Berry Cake 60ML

    Loyalty Berry Cake 60ML
    $20.00 $15.00

    SALE ITEM   This creamy Berry Cake is perfect for any special occasion! 60ML E-Juice This sale is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY all 60ML bottles of Loyalty are $5.00...

  • Ki Berry Kiwi Strawberry E-Juice by Loyalty 60ML

    Loyalty Ki Berry 60ML

    The exotic mix of infused kiwi, blended to perfection with strawberry will make your buds craving more. 60ML E-Juice at Northwest Vape

  • Loyalty Double Shot E-Juice 60ML in Chubby Gorilla E-Liquid Bottle

    Loyalty Double Shot 60ML

    Start your day off right with fine aroma of freshly brewed French Vanilla Coffee Loyalty Double Shot 60ML E-Juice at Northwest Vape

  • Thunder Flood 60ML

    Thunder Flood 60ML

    A flood of multiple exotic fruits, including Banana and Juicy Pineapple. Perfect for a summer breeze and guaranteed mouthwatering satisfaction. 60ML Max VG edition.

  • Richie Rich 60ML

    Richie Rich 60ML

    Rich in culture, it consists of Asiatic, European and American berries in a smooth and delicate blend of French and Bavarian creme filling. 60ML Max VG Edition.

  • Product is shipped in the larger 60ML bottle with same label

    Miso Juicy 60ML

    A nice blend of citrus fruits, to go along with a tangy splash of sour. Miso Juicy is a perfect pick me up. 60ML Max VG Edition.  

  • Product comes in larger 60ML bottle size

    Caramel Nuttz 60ML

    A traditional caramel that is robust and full of flavor, accompanied by a nutty aftertaste to complete this savory delight. Available in 60ML Max VG Edition 0MG 3MG 6MG and 60ML Standard Blend...