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Deals Of The Week

Northwest Vape's E-Juice Deal of the Week Sale Vape Promos


Welcome to The Deals of the Week! Every week we will offer a selection of fan favorite premium E-Liquids at insane discounts!

This deal is only valid while supplies last, so make sure to check back early each and every week to make sure you get the opportunity to score amazing flavors at amazing prices!  Don't see your favorite E-Juice here this week? Don't worry we will be rotating through all of the Northwest Vape family brands, changing it up each week to something new!  


Want to save even more money? Get FREE SHIPPING by spending $50.00 or more on any products on the site! 


Offer Valid While Supplies Last

  • Smash the lemons, grab the berries and lets get the #$&@ outta here! A freshly balanced infusion of tangy and sweet; Smash&Grab by Conviction eLiquids gets in and gets out of your palette quickly leaving nothing but a pleasureful after taste in its wake.

    Smash & Grab 60ML Sale
    $28.99 $10.00

    SALE ITEM Smash the lemons, grab the berries and lets get the #$&@ outta here! A freshly balanced infusion of tangy and sweet; Smash&Grab by Conviction eLiquids gets in and gets out of your palette quickly leaving...

  • Loyalty Berry Cake 60ML

    Loyalty Berry Cake 60ML
    $20.00 $15.00

    SALE ITEM   This creamy Berry Cake is perfect for any special occasion! 60ML E-Juice This sale is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY all 60ML bottles of Loyalty are $5.00...

  • Banana Cream with Topical Smooth Pineapple & Coconut Peel Out by Conviction 60ML E-juice for sale online at Northwest Vape

    Peel Out 60ML Sale
    $28.99 $10.00

    SALE ITEM A prominent creamy banana greets you on the inhale followed closely by a tropical sweet Pineapple Coconut exhale. Tropical Sweet and Bold Peel Out in 60ML by Conviction        This...

  • Joyride by Conviction is a unique White Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso with hints of Blood Orange E-Juice in a 60ML bottle at Northwest Vape

    Joy Ride 60ML Sale
    $28.99 $10.00

    SALE ITEM The intense rush of blood orange and white chocolate steal the show leaving it to hazelnut and espresso to finish the job off. A delicious and rich vape from inhale to exhale; Joyride definitely takes you on...

  • Temple of Ploom 30ML by Klassik Vape features Unique Cactus Fruit, Prickly Pears, and Fuji Apples

    Temple of PLOOM

    A concoction found only in Ancient Temples, this juice is rich with ripe cactus, fuji apples, and prickly pears. 

  • Ripe White Peach Infused Green Tea E-Juice 30ML by Klassik at Northwest Vape

    Monte Cristo 30ML

    Crafted with subtlety, this juice is layered with White Peach over rich green tea that will have you scheming so methodically, it will feel just like subterfuge!

  • Nazgul


    Guarded by the 9 Great Kings of Men, this blackberry lychee flavor has an icy undertone that will become... precious to you.

  • 20,000 Leagues

    20,000 Leagues

    Tangle with the beasts of the deep in this fantastic adventure to discover the Blue Gummy Shark!

  • The Phantom

    The Phantom

    Ripe strawberries and nectarine shroud the secret ingredient in this concoction that leaves you guessing!

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man

    This juice moves across your taste buds like an unseen force! Subtle notes of Guava and Mango lay bare the crisp mint that adds an icy chill down your spine...

  • Frankenstein's Monster

    Frankenstein's Monster

    A savory blend of rich honey granola, with undertones of blackberry and red apple that gives this beast life!

  • Dracula


    A succulent mixture of Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava that will leave you... thirsting for more!

  • Sweet Berries & Marshmallow Cream Dessert Bar Barry Fluffman 60ML by Oakshire at Northwest Vape

    Barry Fluffman 60ML Sale
    $28.99 $15.99

    DEAL OF THE WEEK SALE ITEM Thick creamy marshmallows blended with sweet ripe berries. This is a one-of-a-kind, all-day vape; fluffy, sweet and creamy.  This sale is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY During the Deal of...

  • Don't Care Bear

    Don't Care Bear
    $21.99 $9.99

    30ML SALE 12.99 -  Mounds of sticky Gummy guts, mutilated melon, and mushy Pear and Peach intestines.

  • Skitzo E-Juice by Clown available in 30ML and 60ML Green Apple Candy covered in cream and savory caramel

    $21.99 $12.99

    30ML SALE 12.99 -  Skitzo is Clown's latest flavor staying true to the Carnival spirit featuring a Green Apple sucker dipped in thick caramel sauce with a dollop of cream available in 30ML and 120ML...

  • Clown Twisty E-Juice Raspberry Yogurt E-Liquid 30ML

    $21.99 $12.99

    30ML SALE 12.99 -  Twisty E-Juice by Clown is a Berry Cream fruit yogurt E-Liquid available in 30ML and 120ML bottles.