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  • Rabid


    Carrot Cake Custard topped with cream cheese frosting!

  • Dark Star

    Dark Star

      Gooey Cinnamon Buns, sprinkled with frosted oatmeal cookie crumbles!

  • Deep Six

    Deep Six

      Rock Candies of blueberry and grape!

  • Killjoy


    Rich vanilla custard infused with sugar cookie crumbles.

  • Neutrino


    Orange Tangerine infused with delicious creamsicle!  

  • Solara


      Raspberry, Tangerine, Lemonade topped off with a rich watermelon rum!

  • Spaced Out

    Spaced Out

    Lemon poundcake with a zesty lemon meringue fluff on top!

  • Lemon Dead

    Lemon Dead

    Rest in pieces… Dismembered and drained lemon remains, sprinkled with a sugary sweet-tart dust.

  • Don't Care Bear

    Don't Care Bear
    $21.99 $12.99

    30ML SALE 12.99 -  Mounds of sticky Gummy guts, mutilated melon, and mushy Pear and Peach intestines.

  • Lockjaw features strong fruit flavors blended in sweet cream E-Juice by Weirdos Creamery at Northwest Vape Distro


    Face smacking, sugar glazed peachy watermelon madness, that is serenaded with strawberry and pomegranate, and slow-churned in a soft silky cream. Rich dominant fruity flavors that evolve with each...

  • Moist by Weirdos Creamery is a juicy fresh pineapple upside down cake topped with a caramelized sugar drizzle and maraschino cherry by Bad Drip Labs


    Sugar infused moist pineapple upside-down cake, pulverized with a rich creamy vanilla ice cream and topped off with a crystallized maraschino cherry and burnt sugar drizzle.

  • Wonderland by Weirdos Creamery is a Caramel Sea Salt Ice Cream E-Juice topped with Juicy Strawberries and a Frosted Flakes Crunch on top!


    A rich velvety caramel sea salt ice cream topped with a handful of juicy sweet strawberries and finished off with a frosted flake glazed crunch. Your E-Juice is a Wonderland!

  • Dirt-E-Worms Gummy Worms Cookie Crumble Chocolate Pudding E-Juice 30ML Bottle in Custom Cookie Crumble Display Cannister


    Dirt-E-Worms by Bad Drip Labs is a Gummy Worm smothered in cookie crumbles that's buried in chocolate pudding available in 30ML bottles packaged in a one of a kind display featuring real cookie crumbles in a see through...

  • Skitzo E-Juice by Clown available in 30ML and 60ML Green Apple Candy covered in cream and savory caramel

    $21.99 $12.99

    30ML SALE 12.99 -  Skitzo is Clown's latest flavor staying true to the Carnival spirit featuring a Green Apple sucker dipped in thick caramel sauce with a dollop of cream available in 30ML and 120ML...

  • Shortcake Freaks Strawberry Shortcake E-Juice by Half Baked 30ML Bottles

    Shortcake Freakz

    Shortcake Freaks by Half Baked is a sweet soft shortcake topped with gobs of strawberries and syrup. Available in 30ML bottles

  • Cupcake Freakz

    Cupcake Freakz

    Cupcake Freaks features Cake Batter Cupcakes topped with thick frosting and never forgets the sprinkles! Available in 30ML Bottles